Hey, I’ll Buy the Clippers

The NBA just banned noted racist Daniel Sterling for life. Magic Johnson, who owns the Dodgers with an investment group, has come forward to express an interest to buy the Clippers. Getting Sterling out would be great for the team, and for the NBA on the whole. Most importantly, if Sterling agrees to sell, they won’t have to deal with the huge legal obstacle of essentially forbidding him power over the team, which is lawfully owned by him. Heck, if they don’t want Magic… I’ll do it. I can execute a promissory note to disburse the purchase price over the next few decades from the revenue of the team- sort of a lease to own situation. Or if they like, we can set up a public entity- Green Bay Packers style. What could be better to erase the last regime than to let the people buy the team! NBA… give me a call if you want to take me up on it!


UPDATE: I’ve got competition from Frankie Muniz (Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle). Frankie, let’s team up! Together we can get the team!


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