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The Glass Bottom of the Willis (Sear’s) Tower Skydeck Cracked Last Night

Willis Tower Skydeck

Willis Tower Skydeck

Imagine you are standing on a pane of glass at the highest observation deck in the United States, at 412.5 meters, one of the highest observation decks in the world. Now, imagine that the glass you are standing on starts to crack as you and you family are looking down. Sounds scary, and it happened to a family last night as they were visiting the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago. Well, to be fair, there are actually three panes of glass flooring the observation deck, and the family was not in any danger. The top pane was designed to shatter if over-stressed. But I’m sure that didn’t keep any of the visitors from crapping their pants when it happened. Whoo-ee.

Cracked skydeck at Willis Tower

I prefer the controlled chaos of an amusement park ride. Check out the preview of the new Busch Gardens ride, Falcon’s Fury, if you haven’t seen it yet…



Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Finally had their Drum Off

Drum Off, traditional rules. Had been waiting for this for a while. What gets me, is that seeing the two of them together… they look even more alike than in pictures!:¬†


Alligator Found in Bradenton Couple’s Pool

Alligator in Pool

Alligator in Pool

Just another day in Florida… an 8-foot alligator decided to take a nighttime dip in a Bradenton couple’s pool. The only thing that surprises me about this story is that it has made national news (on the front page of today). It happens all the time, as anyone who watches Gator Boys is well aware. The awesome thing about the Gator Boys, when they are called out to catch a gator, they rescue the gators and take them to refuges after humanely catching them: often with their bare hands.

Here’s the Gator Boys in action:¬†

Holy Crap, New, Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered

New Dinosaur Bone

Seven stories tall, 130 feet long and 7 tons. For comparison, that’s twice as long and over 4 times as heavy as a Brontosaurus (I know, Apatosaurus). No name for this new guy yet, but it was found in Patagonia. How’s Patagonster sound?

Probabaly Patagosaurus. There’s got to be something with good ring to it…

Browns Cut Greg Little, Now Have Less Nobodys to Catch Footballs

browns sadness2In spite of knowing that their star receiver had a year-long suspension coming, the Browns failed to draft any wide receivers, even with additional picks. Now they’ve cut Greg Little, who wasn’t great, but was a starter for them last year. It’s gonna be a lot of Andrew Hawkins and UFAs for Manziel to throw to, unless they are smart enough to sit him for a year. (Yes, I know that TE Jordan Cameron is good, but still).–slimming-down-wr-group-before-training-camp-154715232.html