I Like Soccer, But…

Some shit needs to be fixed. I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days, but this put me over the top:

Greece Advance After Ivory Coast Concede Stoppage Time Penalty Kick

Let’s see, while I’m at it… Offsides needs to be fixed… maybe a forward line where offsides no longer applies. I’m not saying get rid of it, but sheesh. Obviously floppping, not sure how you fix that, but man its annoying.

Penalty kicks to end games is also ridiculous. I can appreciate complaining about ties, but nothing is worse than deciding a game on kicks. The old Golden Goal rule is certainly better than a shootout. They say they didn’t like that because teams frequently chose to defend and take their chances in a shootout: then don’t leave the shootout! Or start with non-sudden overtime. I don’t care how long they play- it’s the freakin’ World Cup. Give teams a couple extra subs. Don’t let the game be decided by something so arbitrary.

At least we don’t have to listen to Vuvuzelas…



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