Monthly Archives: July 2014

Yahoo Did a Great Bio on Miami Redhawk Coach Chuck Martin

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel takesĀ a thorough look at the man who took a pay cut to take over the worst team in college football. It’s enough to get me a little excited, if not for this year, for the future. Miami has a great football tradition, and the right coach can take the Redhawks places, though it will likely involve a couple years of rebuilding. We can’t end up as bad as last year, though.


Weird Al – UHF Anniversary – Mandatory FUN!

The new album, Mandatory Fun! is #1 on the Billboard chart, but today also marks the 25 year anniversary of “UHF”, the screwball spoof movie Al made. It’s plot is all over the place, there’s reams of absurdist silliness, but darned if it isn’t funny. I can still quote it today, as can this guy from UPRoxx, who does a great break down of the top shows/movies that Al ran on his little UHF station. A U-H-F STATION!