Hey, I’m Not a Twins Fan!

So, I was on the Reds website (looks like ESPN is carrying the game Sunday night). I saw an ad for an All Star game contest, sponsored by Chevy. As I’d like to wins said contest, I entered, and shortly thereafter received an email containing the following (highlighting mine):

go twinsSerioiusly? I mean, I linked to the contest from the Reds page! I listed my address in Florida. Why in the world would they think I’m a Twins fan? While the Twins do have spring training here, and I caught a game or two this year, I didn’t get those tickets from Chevy (and I used a different email address.) I even have a Rays Chevy shirt from a different promo thing a few years ago. Probably just a typo: perhaps they just didn’t update the text from a contest from last year’s game in Minneapolis. Besides, I assumed Chevy would be a Tigers fan!


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