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Florida Armadillos are spreading Leprosy

I guess the takeaway is, don’t mess with Armadillos, they are known to carry leprosy, and there have been several recent cases reported in Florida. Yeesh.

Also, why is the plural “armadillos” and not “armadilloes”? That seems wrong, no?

via News-Press


Cubs Prospect Kyle Schawarber is an Ohio Product

He shined at the Futures All-Star game this weekend in Cincinnati, not far from where he grew up. Here’s a cool article on ESPN about his prospects: “Kyle Schwarber could soon become a force for the Cubs in the second half” He says he learned his hitting approach from watching Joey Votto at GABP. was also impressed: “Kyle Schwarber gave us a glimpes into a terrifying future full of catchers hitting triples” I embrace this future!