Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Mystery of the Orange Alligator


An orange gator was sighted in South Carolina this week, and some people have dubbed it ‘Trump A-Gator‘. Those people are wrong… the gator is clearly a just a fan of the National Champion Clemson Tigers, who won the college football playoff this year. It’s obvious!

Nobody knows why the gator is orange, but it’s probably not natural. An orange gator was spotted in Florida a few years ago… perhaps its a rare color morph. More likely it was colored by something in the environment, such as iron oxide in the water or some orange paint (perhaps a few rambunctious college students got carried away.)


Hey- Did that Volcano Just Smile at Me?

volcano-smileyYou aren’t seeing things…

This is a screen capture from footage taken by a Paradise Tours helicopter during an eruption last July. The still is cropped and rotated for the full effect of the grin!

So, I just realized, this…