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Asian Water Lizard Captured on Collier Golf Course

water lizard

Kevin Hennings about to recapture Poseidon at TwinEagles

The headline makes this seem more ominous than it is, because there is not currently in invasive issue with Asian water lizards, but it must’ve been freaky for the golfers who saw the 6-foot reptile on the course! This one was an escaped pet, who made some national news when his escape was announced. Fortunately some good Samaritans notified him when “Poseidon” was spotted at TwinEagles. He was able to lure it with some frozen chicken and catch it without much difficulty. The Naples News story has the thrilling footage of the capture!

At this time, these reportedly don’t even need a permit: they are not one of the species that is currently joining the exotic invasions of African lizards that Florida is dealing with right now.


New Star Wars footage from Last Jedi Released



Snoke’s Chambers?

A new “Last Jedi” trailer is out, and it includes a few shots not seen in the previous trailers. The trailer is called “Awake”.  I’m stoked…


The video via Youtube is posted below- it’s only a 45 second clip, and it’s juicy.