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The Episode IX Trailer is here: prepare for The Rise of Skywalker

In case you were as busy as me yesterday, and didn’t see it… the first teaser for the next Star Wars movie is out. This is Episode 9, the last in the main saga. I’m in for Avengers in a few weeks, but I’ll be counting the days until the December release!

Is the Emperor back?!


My Brother is in the new Music Video from Maria Carelli

UPDATE: The album is out, available now!*

Check out the video for the new single from the lovely and charming Maria Carelli! My brother is the drummer on the song and got some screen time on the video:

Maria is a Cincinnati-area singer-songwriter with a new album out, featuring my brother, Aaron Cordell. Check out this interview she recently did for WVXU. I’ve seen them perform live, definitely check them out- though I hear the CD release shows this weekend are already sold out! Congrats, Maria!

Bonus, here’s a live number from a few years ago.

I have trouble linking FB videos on here, but here’s a video from the release party:

A Dragon Aurora- the Northern Lights Amaze again


NASA just released this picture of the Aurora Borealis over Iceland, appearing to take the shape of a dragon.

Good night for stargazing, as the moonrise of the Supermoon (aka Snow Moon) was spectacular tonight.

Remember, keep looking up!

Another African Black Panther Photographed in Kenya, also was shot by Phoebe Okall in 2013

Black panthers are particularly rare in Africa, only a couple have been photographed in the last 100 years. Another black leopard was photographed in Kenya in the same region in 2013CNN incorrectly claims this was the first one photographed in Africa since since 1909, but then concedes reports of the photos from five years ago: I guess they are saying this is the first scientifically confirmed footage… Either way, it’s exciting as the panthers, black color variations of leopards, also known as melanistic leopards, are far less common in Africa than their South and East Asian cousins.

So, now I’m kind of angry that CNN and other media outlets are writing this up as the first black leopard photographed in Africa in 100 years, as one was clearly photographed by a Kenyan photographer in 2013. It’s almost like they credited the white, western photog and discounted the photos taken by the black, African photographer. It should be noted, the photographer who actually captured the first black panther photos in Africa in over 100 years is an award-winning Kenyan woman, Phoebe Okall. I want to make clear that the new claims are not coming from Burrard-Lucas, who took the new pictures. Sounds like the researches from San Diego, who published and are being quoted, are the ones who ignored or discredited Okall’s photos and are spreading misinformation. During Black History month, no less. Let’s recognize Ms. Okall’s great work!


A Meterorite Impacted the Moon During the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Event

red moonWow- if the lunar eclipse show the other night wasn’t enough for you, some scientists caught images of a meteorite impacting the moon during the the event are even more spectacular. We did a story on a meteor/meteorite/asteroid impacting Jupiter a while back, and this calls it to mind. But this is cooler for several reasons. First, the color images of the Blood Moon are terrific, and it was captured from cameras right here on earth. Several people reported seeing the flash on online broadcasts of the eclipse. Astronomer Jose Maria Madeido in Spain, who works with MIDAS, the  Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System, set up eight cameras for the eclipse to capture the meteorite impact. Really cool stuff, video below.

via gizmodo:

I think the Fan Interference call on Mookie’s Play was Correct


League Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game FourIt’s clear from the video that Mookie Betts was in a position to make the catch, and that the fan obstructed his glove as he was reaching for the ball. The only issue is whether the fan reached into the field of play to interfere, or if Betts reached beyond the wall. He is allowed to reach into the stands, but does so at his own risk, and it would not be considered fan interference. Take another look at those fans… they are up against the wall leaning and reaching forward. Betts is short of the wall, reaching out and up. Here’s the replay to watch:

Look at that slow motion… Betts travels quite a way in the air before striking the fence after the fan makes contact with his glove. It’s still pretty hard to tell for sure, since the fence camera angle was obstructed. A commenter on Deadspin took a crack at breaking it down a little more. TVs_Frank writes:

“The key to tell where the fan’s hands are is that crease in the orange padding. Right before it is where the collision happens, although not exactly since it’s not a straight ahead shot, but it’s only off by a bit.

If we go to roughly the same frame in the other angle we can use that crease to tell roughly where the fan’s hands are coming from and put a line there to represent the wall.

Not a foolproof method, but the fan’s hands are probably at least a couple inches over the wall.”

He makes a good point. Now go back again and watch the slow motion replay, to see where Betts is well off the wall when the fan hits his glove. We don’t have a definitive camera angle, but the person in the best position was actually Joe West, who made the call. He was umpire stationed down the right field line, and had a good look at the play from that vantage point. For what it’s worth, he says he clearly saw the fan’s arm over the playing field.

Now go back and watch the game-saving catch by Andrew Benintendi over and over again… wow!



FEMA rates Hurricane Damage on a Waffle House Test

One of the indicators as to how serious a hurricane’s effects are is how local businesses respond. FEMA administrators have found that Waffle House provides a pretty good indicator of how serious a storm is. There’s several reasons for this, not only does Waffle House stay open 24/7, they have thousands of stores and many of them in the Southeast United States, which is where hurricanes frequently make landfall. FEMA refers to an informal metric as a shorthand to gauge how serious a hurricane is. If Waffle House is fully operational, the area is green; yellow if there is a limited menu, and Waffle House is closed, code red means it’s time to panic. Beyond the immediate indicator of danger when the restaurant that never closes… closes, it’s an index of how the supply chain is coming along in the recovery of a storm. More restaurants closed means more area needs recovery. Waffle House may be open on a limited menu, which indicates that not all systems are up and running: and there’s a way to go to get back to green. Waffle house even has their own storm center to track severe weather.

The fivethirtyeight story from a few years ago has the best breakdown. And here’s a video clip for people who like that: