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Scot Schebler Knocked a Ball All the Way Out of Great American Ballpark

What a way to join the team. In his first game since being called back to the big leagues, he crushed a walk-off 3-run homer to beat the Cards in the bottom of the ninth. There was no doubt about whether it had the distance from the moment it left his bat, though it just snuck fair inside the right foul pole. The ball bounced once near the Bowtie bar, and right on out of the stadium. We will miss Jay Bruce, to be sure, but this guy could be an up and comer to pair with Adam Duvall for a few years!


Joe’s Truck Stop on the Radio

joes truck stop 1

Joe’s Truck Stop, via Facebook

One of my brother’s bands, Joe’s Truck Stop, was on Knoxville’s Blue Plate Special this afternoon. The archive is available online, you can listen on the link here. Joe’s truck stop appears in the 12:00 pm hour, from the July 8, 2016 broadcast. Check it out!


The Winter Blues…

So, feeling my age this week after:

Report: Steve Francis Not Using Drugs, Just Old” … He’s 38

and Peyton Manning’s ongoing fight to stave off retirement, at the grand old age of 39…

“Broncos QB Peyton Manning will practice today, for the first time since being removed from a disastrous game against the Chiefs and put up on the shelf to let his various bruises and tears heal. He is not expected to play this weekend—Brock Osweiler is still the starter, but probably not for long.

Gary Kubiak made the announcement yesterday, and it’s a reflection more of Manning’s medical progress than of any hints toward the team’s plans. Manning’s body really started to break down this year, but it was a partially torn foot ligament that finally forced him out—amid a career-worst start to his season—and put him in a hard cast and then a walking boot for few weeks….”

Then I hear that the Reds have traded Todd Frazier, which may be the smart thing to do, but he’s so cool, and it just makes me sad that we can’t hang on to more than 2 players for more than an arbitration year. That’s baseball… we can’t have nice things, and that makes me sad, too… on top of losing Chapman last week. And Andy Dalton’s injury. And global warming, and Trump, and so on. At least Trump is entertaining.

Star Wars better not suck… I don’t think I can handle the disappointment! That said… I can’t wait. This will cheer the darkest of hearts…


Pete Rose’s Ban Will Still Not be Lifted

pete rose

Very Bad Person Pete Rose

The NY Times just reported that Commissioner Rob Manfred has denied Pete Rose’s third appeal for reinstatement. Baseball’s all-time hit king will still not be allowed to participate in MLB activities, nor be allowed entry into the Hall of Fame. The ban was entered in 1989- so that’s about 26 years since Charlie Hustle has been barred from the sport.

In other news, it appears Alex Rodriguez will return for another season. A Rod has been caught actually cheating with performance enhancing substances on multiple occasions.

See Also: Pete Rose is a Terrible Person, You Guys

I am Bald Joey Votto’s Rage Face

Holy crap, Votter was PISSED last night! Here’s a screencap of his argument, after he got tossed for complaining about not getting a requested timeout.

Angry Joey Votto

Angry Joey Votto

Do not mess with Joey Votto. Think he’s cruising for the end fo the season.. no sir! love this guy!

via Deadspin.

UPDATE: Watching the video just now, I’m not sure what Votto did to get ejected. He turns away toward his own dugout when Umpire Welke ejects him. Seems kind of rash.

Also, it was Bryan Price that said he thought Votto was upset by not getting the timeout (which isn’t visible on the video)

Cubs Prospect Kyle Schawarber is an Ohio Product

He shined at the Futures All-Star game this weekend in Cincinnati, not far from where he grew up. Here’s a cool article on ESPN about his prospects: “Kyle Schwarber could soon become a force for the Cubs in the second half” He says he learned his hitting approach from watching Joey Votto at GABP. was also impressed: “Kyle Schwarber gave us a glimpes into a terrifying future full of catchers hitting triples” I embrace this future!

More Evidence that Pete Rose is a Terrible Person, You Guys

This just in, more research is being done regarding Pete Rose’s career, after this week’s new evidence that Pete bet on baseball while he was a player. Now, our exclusive statistical research has produced evidence of nefarious activity that further go to show what a scoundrel Pete was.

Very Bad Person Pete Rose

Very Bad Person Pete Rose

We have conducted a thorough review of Rose’s statistics, and you guys aren’t going to believe this. Pete Rose, while he was a player, stole bases on multiple occasions. He’s a thief. Evidence indicates that in 1986 alone, he stole bases on no less than three occasions. I mean, that right there wipes out all of his accomplishments, right?

“SEE!” said former Commissioner Fay Vincent, when reached for comment, I told you this guy was a really bad person! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you guys.”

Further analysis reveals that Rose was actually 45 years old when he’s accused of stealing these bases, suggesting that something can’t be right with that data. There are also anecdotal stories that, on occasion, Rose was even known to take a pitch. However, no empirical data backs that up.

Former prosecutor John Dowd was like, “Yeah, this totally closes the door, and LOCKS it. This REALLY, REALLY does it.”

This evidence means Rose probably, totally did not really leave any meaningful mark on the game of baseball. “Good riddance,” said former competitor Ray Fosse.*

An exhaustive background check on Rose also revealed that he went to actual prison for actual crimes a few years after his playing days. “Who cares,” said Vincent, “I already told you he’s a bad fellow.”

“Yeah,” agreed Dowd, “besides, it was taxes. He made a mistake… why would we hold that against him for the rest of his life.”

“I feel bad for him, but it’s really none of my business,” said recent member of the 3,000 hit club, Alex Rodriguez.

No comment from Rose, in spite of Jim Gray’s best efforts. All reports indicate that the new revelations decrease the likelihood that Pete Rose will be reinstated, or have a chance at admittance to the Hall of Fame. “Pity.” said NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson.

Editor’s note: This is all satire. The quotes are made up, especially the Ray Fosse line. However, definitely check out the actual quotes from Dowd and Vincent re: the notebook. I think most people’s response to this news is… “duh.”

*Fosse is is far more magnanimous than I would be if I were him when discussing Pete Rose