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President Trump has a Coke Button on his Desk

trump desk

The ‘Coke Button’

Right there, just within reach on the Resolute Desk, is an elegant button. It is not specifically a “Coke” button, rather it is used to summon a White House butler who can attend to the President’s needs. And Mr. Trump likes a refreshing soda, now and again. The button is not unique to him, as the last several presidents have had the button available: I found it sitting on Clinton’s desk in some old pictures, as well. And presidents before that had big clunky phones with lots of buttons; I doubt the butler phenomenon is new to the White House.

I want a Coke Button!


Anthony Bourdain is Down with Waffle House


Anthony Bourdain and Waffle House

I think this is kind of badass… as an avowed Waffle House fan, I have a soft spot for late night, greasy food (covered, chunked and capped- sometimes topped). I used to grab a late bite, and a bottomless soda when I studied for the bar exam. It’s a kick to see Anthony Bourdain, noted foodie and TV star (don’t get on his bad side), enjoy the pleasures of a quaint southern diner… Although, with some of the crazy things he has eaten, like guinea pig street meat, a pecan waffle is not that outlandish!