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Good Samaritans Flip a Car to Save Man

This is great- who doesn’t like a little good news, and here’s some real heroes at work. A man flipped his car in an accident, and was pinned inside. About a dozen onlookers teamed up to lift the car and flip it back over. Yay people helping people- you have to check out the video of these heroes jumping to the rescue.


Catching Up with David Fulcher

The Cincinnati Enquirer caught up with former Bengals safety David Fulcher on the eve of the Super Bowl. They are comparing his hard hitting style to Seattle safety Kam Chancellor. I loved Fulcher when I was little, not only was he a punishing force in the secondary, he had a nose for the ball, intercepting his way to several pro bowls.

Watch a Hero Save a Baby from a Burning Car

David Frederickson saw a grandmother and her 1-year-old grandchild get in a fiery wreck with a tractor trailer. When they didn’t get out, he grabbed his fire extinguisher and hurried to the rescue, along with several other drivers. Awesome stuff. With all that’s going on in the news right now, it sure is refreshing to share some good news.


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