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Joe’s Truck Stop on the Radio

joes truck stop 1

Joe’s Truck Stop, via Facebook

One of my brother’s bands, Joe’s Truck Stop, was on Knoxville’s Blue Plate Special this afternoon. The archive is available online, you can listen on the link here. Joe’s truck stop appears in the 12:00 pm hour, from the July 8, 2016 broadcast. Check it out!



See this Bourbon Firenado and be Afraid

Bourbon Firenado

Bourbon Firenado

Holy crap, it’s Firenado. A bourbon-fueled firenado.. and it’s terrifying. Apparently a Jim Bean Warehouse was struck by lightning, releasing thousands of gallons of poor, innocent bourbon into a nearby pond. More lighting struck the bourbon, lighting it on fire, and then a tornado passed over, sucking the flames upward nearly 100 feet. Jim Beam was fined $70,000 for pollution for the spilt bourbon that led fish kills. I’m holding a moment of silence for the lost spirits.

Check out the footage from

1st Mountain Lion Spotted in Kentucky Since the Civil War is Immediately Killed

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lions are native to Kentucky, or were before humans pushed them out 150 years ago. They remained established in the western US and Florida, but have been slowly re-entering habitats moving eastward, though it had been thought that the Mississippi River was as far as they had gotten, until one was spotted by a farmer in Kentucky this week. When wildlife officials arrived, it had been treed by a dog. An officer shot and killed it. There are no more Mountain Lions in Kentucky, again.