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This is too easy…

This headline appeared on tonight:



His name was Alexander Hamilton.

That was easy.

I can even tell you who was the damn fool that shot him!


Here’s a clue, if you didn’t get it…


Joe’s Truck Stop on the Radio

joes truck stop 1

Joe’s Truck Stop, via Facebook

One of my brother’s bands, Joe’s Truck Stop, was on Knoxville’s Blue Plate Special this afternoon. The archive is available online, you can listen on the link here. Joe’s truck stop appears in the 12:00 pm hour, from the July 8, 2016 broadcast. Check it out!


Weird Al – UHF Anniversary – Mandatory FUN!

The new album, Mandatory Fun! is #1 on the Billboard chart, but today also marks the 25 year anniversary of “UHF”, the screwball spoof movie Al made. It’s plot is all over the place, there’s reams of absurdist silliness, but darned if it isn’t funny. I can still quote it today, as can this guy from UPRoxx, who does a great break down of the top shows/movies that Al ran on his little UHF station. A U-H-F STATION!