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Happy Star Wars Day

Watching New Hope this afternoon- while the kid was in his room, fighting off his nap… I can’t wait until I can share the Star Wars movies with him. I find myself debating if it’s too soon. (Duh- he’s only 2, and they movie are about WARS, and there’s lots of fighting and killing and scary aliens). Then I wonder if I could show him part of it- like the pd race. But even that has people dying and shooting and some tense, scariness. Alas, I’ll have to give it a few years. Until then… he’s in bed, so I can pop in Empire… 🙂

UPDATE: Ok, so I let him watch it a year later, even though he’s still only 3. Heck, he’s addicted to Ninja Turtles- if he can handle that, he can surely watch Star Wars!