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The Mystery of the Orange Alligator


An orange gator was sighted in South Carolina this week, and some people have dubbed it ‘Trump A-Gator‘. Those people are wrong… the gator is clearly a just a fan of the National Champion Clemson Tigers, who won the college football playoff this year. It’s obvious!

Nobody knows why the gator is orange, but it’s probably not natural. An orange gator was spotted in Florida a few years ago… perhaps its a rare color morph. More likely it was colored by something in the environment, such as iron oxide in the water or some orange paint (perhaps a few rambunctious college students got carried away.)


VIDEO: Gator Jumps in an Airboat!


Tylor Hindery via facebook

Some tourists took an airboat tour in the Everglades, and probably thought they were pretty luck to pull right up next to an Alligator. They were streaming video live on Facebook when the tides turned. They probably reconsidered how lucky they were when the gator climbed into their boat. Fortunately, the Gator was able to get out and nobody was hurt!

It was clearly a harrowing experience for Tylor Hindery and the people he was with on the boat. But to get that on Facebook Live… priceless. via fox4now:


I have gone on several airboat tours, and they are a lot of fun.. until somebody gets eaten!


Alligator Found in Bradenton Couple’s Pool

Alligator in Pool

Alligator in Pool

Just another day in Florida… an 8-foot alligator decided to take a nighttime dip in a Bradenton couple’s pool. The only thing that surprises me about this story is that it has made national news (on the front page of cnn.com today). It happens all the time, as anyone who watches Gator Boys is well aware. The awesome thing about the Gator Boys, when they are called out to catch a gator, they rescue the gators and take them to refuges after humanely catching them: often with their bare hands.

Here’s the Gator Boys in action:¬†http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/gator-boys/gators-love-pools-under-construction-or-not.htm