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That Insane Curry v. LeBron Highlight was really a Double Dribble

curry double dribble

Curry Picks up his Dribble

Yeah, that highlight that is blowing up today of Curry taking LeBron should not have been. Curry definitely picked up the ball with both hands in the middle of it. Frankly, it should be a LeBron highlight anyway, seeing as how he held the 2-time MVP without help for some 8 seconds. But since the evidence shows Curry had to cheat to get by, speaks even greater to LeBron’s efforts. It’s no wonder LeBron jumped- Steph picked up his dribble. It’s not a Curry highlight, it’s a lowlight.


Also, a look at LeBron’s shot chart shows how he had success taking it to the rim a few times on his own last night!

The sequence:


Browns Extend CD Haden, Still Have No One to Catch Footballs

Not nobody, but the Browns will likely lose their top receiver to a drug suspension this year. Coupled with the fact that they didn’t draft any wide receivers, and now have spent beaucoup bucks extending their cornerback, new Quarterback Manziel is looking at a rough first year. (Or half a year, if they wait a while to put him in, which will be unavoidable if they don’t start him right away, because Weedon sucks).