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Now a T-Rex is attacking Ohio!

dinosaur satelliteSomebody found this great image of a weather radar that appears to be a dinosaur heading for Ohio. I saw it on Facebook, so I don’t know when it was snagged, but it’s too good.

It reminds me of the dinosaur, and the creepy skull images from Hurricane Matthew last year…

skull matthew

dinosaur matthew.jpg







Holy Cow- A Flaming Tyrannosaurus Rex

t rex

Zachary Reynolds on YouTube

A robot T-Rex caught fire at a Colorado theme park, and the footage is spectacular. I feel bad for the park to lose such a cool attraction- it burned down to the wire frame. At least we can watch as it goes down in flames!


Here’s the story on CNN.

Holy Crap, New, Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered

New Dinosaur Bone

Seven stories tall, 130 feet long and 7 tons. For comparison, that’s twice as long and over 4 times as heavy as a Brontosaurus (I know, Apatosaurus). No name for this new guy yet, but it was found in Patagonia. How’s Patagonster sound?

Probabaly Patagosaurus. There’s got to be something with good ring to it…