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There May Be Another Jaguar in the U.S.

jaguar2Researchers recently snapped a photo of a Jaguar prowling the mountains near Tuscon, Arizona. We covered the reports from a while back that there appears to be a Jaguar permanently living in the U.S. The new photograph was east of that Jaguar’s usual location, so there is a question of whether it is a second Jaguar, or just the first one, known as ¬†El Jefe. Researchers do believe this Jag is a new one. El Jefe has not been sighted in AZ for some time.

What are we going to name the new one? I suggest Tony, for Jacksonville Jaguars legend Tony Boselli. Or maybe, Boselli.


Wow!- there is a Wild Jaguar Living in the U.S.

el jefe jaguarApparently Jaguars commonly roamed the Southwestern United States before 150 years of encroaching settlement wiped them out. It’s been untold years since there was documentation of one living here full time, though some had been spotted here on sporadic occasions, but those were apparently just visiting. The current Jaguar has been spotted several times in the mountains just outside Tuscon, AZ, and appears to be an established resident for more than 3 years. The locals have taken to calling him El Jefe, and now conservationists have released video footage of The Chief, right here in the United States. He really is magnificent, and approaching 250 pounds, the third largest cat in the world behind tigers and lions.