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Sorry Big 12, Your Schedule Is Not Better, You Didn’t Play as Many Games [Update- Called it!]

4 teams make the final playoff this year. And while their wins were not as impressive, Florida State has to be in. 13-0. 29 game win streak. You don’t keep the king out until you beat the king.

Next are your one-loss teams. There is enough quality among the one-loss group¬†that we don’t need to look at the 2-loss teams this year. Guess what, only 3 of the teams have 12 wins. The strength of schedule fiction is that a schedule is averaged out, when it is actually more difficult to play and win an additional game. ‘Bama, Ohio State, and Oregon come from power conferences, so the difference in the quality of the wins is not great. They all played in an additional conference championship game, and beat ranked opponents. There is your top for, and they should get to play it out for the championship.

Sorry to TCU. First, you didn’t even win your conference. Second, if a Big 12 team were going to make it in, it would be the team that beat you. And, gee, congrats on whooping Iowa State, for their 10th loss of the season. Baylor has a better case… except that even the playoff committee had them behind the other one loss teams coming in. Beating K-State is a quality win… one win less than the 12 win teams. If the Big 12 let Baylor and TCU play each other (again), then they would be on par with the others. Sorry, but not having a conference championship hurts the conference’s standing. All things being equal, they are not equal.

Bama won the SEC, the toughest conference, convincingly, and are deserving of a spot. Oregon has looked great, and got impressive revenge for their only loss against Arizona. And Ohio State destroyed a very good Wisconsin team, to cap off a dominating season. Right now, TCU is 4th in the rankings, based on some kind of style points, but they did not even win their conference (people keep saying they got a share… they did not by Big 12 rules). Put in the teams with the most wins: FSU, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State.

UPDATE: As you know by now, I was right. And the selection committee had the same line of thinking that I did: http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/college-sports/headlines/20141207-committee-reveals-why-it-put-ohio-state-ahead-of-tcu-baylor.ece

It seems Bowlsby and the Big-12 were surprised, and felt they had been punished for not having a championship game. That’s not quite correct, the other conferences were rewarded for having a championship game. It gave each of them an additional quality win against a ranked opponent. If one of them had lost their championship game, and Baylor had made it in, the other conferences might be second guessing their own methods. It didn’t turn out that way this year, and it is better for the football consuming public to reward the extra game winners.