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The Mystery of the Orange Alligator


An orange gator was sighted in South Carolina this week, and some people have dubbed it ‘Trump A-Gator‘. Those people are wrong… the gator is clearly a just a fan of the National Champion Clemson Tigers, who won the college football playoff this year. It’s obvious!

Nobody knows why the gator is orange, but it’s probably not natural. An orange gator was spotted in Florida a few years ago… perhaps its a rare color morph. More likely it was colored by something in the environment, such as iron oxide in the water or some orange paint (perhaps a few rambunctious college students got carried away.)


Good Samaritans Flip a Car to Save Man

This is great- who doesn’t like a little good news, and here’s some real heroes at work. A man flipped his car in an accident, and was pinned inside. About a dozen onlookers teamed up to lift the car and flip it back over. Yay people helping people- you have to check out the video of these heroes jumping to the rescue.


Just Another Florida Critter – You Thought the Jurassic Gator was Long?

lehigh snake

Facebook photo via Sharif Walker

This was posted on Facebook, the poster indicates it was taken just outside the City of Fort Myers on the way to Lehich Acres… that’s just down the street. I can’t see much detail, but at that length, it must be an invasive Burmese Python.


gatesville-courthouse-snakeI posted the snake in the courtroom on my other blog this morning- makes that little fella look like a walk in the park. And a guy in South Carolina had a couple snakes dangling out of his attic, but they probably didn’t match this Burmese if they were lined up end to end!

And remember that Massive Gator that was filed walking along a Florida Golf Course, keep in mind that these Burmese Pythons HUNT alligators! It’s like we’re surrounded by dinosaurs down here!

It made news for obvious reasons, but it’s really not uncommon down here.

UPDATE: Apparently- it’s a fake. Which is kind of silly, because we actually do get snakes like that down here… http://www.nbc-2.com/story/27389139/7-foot-snake-slithers-through-naples-park#.V2gEKrgrLcc

and : http://www.nbc-2.com/story/31498822/largest-burmese-python-in-s-florida-record-found-in-collier-co#.V2gEZbgrLcc

and: http://www.winknews.com/2014/12/18/story-of-massive-python-found-at-local-restaurant-goes-viral/